Through the ENS PROMPT application in ULP, CRISP now displays alerts when a patient tests positive or negative for COVID-19 as well as confirmed cases as reported by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) and DC Health. These alerts are made available to a patient’s care team based upon:


    • A list of confirmed cases sent to CRISP from the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) and DC Health.
    • Positive and negative lab results from LabCorp and Quest lab feeds across the region. These results currently originate from ordering physicians that are CRISP participants with executed lab request forms within our system. We are actively working with LabCorp, Quest and hospital based testing centers to provide more comprehensive results.

*As we receive results from lab feeds that are reported to the Maryland Department of Health, there may be instances of duplicate alerts. This occurrence is expected based upon the reporting workflow established by the State.

How to view COVID-19 alerts within ENS PROMPT:

Return to the “Add Filter” drop down at the top of the screen.