Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) Reporting Tool RFP

CRISP DC is seeking the development of an eCQM solution that will improve the capability of District providers to capture and report on both clinical and Medicaid claims based eCQMs.

This solution will be able to exchange data with CRISP, as well as support analytics of clinical and claims measures in order to assess performance against key measures. The tool should allow providers to calculate and report on the clinical quality measures (CQMs) used to ensure that health care providers are delivering effective, safe, and timely care to patients. CRISP envisions this will leverage a variety of data feeds and data types many of which may not yet be captured by providers in their EHRs. Providers and users of the HIE must be able to calculate CMS quality and P4P (pay for performance) measures based on Medicaid claims data or data exported from EHRs. It is important that the tool be equipped to handle eCQMs using the 2020 reporting/performance guidance published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), issued on May 13, 2019. Click here to view the full Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) Reporting Tool RFP

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A webinar to review and discuss requirements will take place on May 17 at 12pm. The due date for submissions is 5pm EST on May 31. Click here to register.

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CRISP will routinely answer and post to our website questions and answers related to this procurement. Questions will be accepted via email until May 22. Please email questions and requests for clarification to: Ryan Argentieri at rargentieri@

Links to documents:
Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) Reporting Tool RFP
Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) Reporting Tool Q&A


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