Alice Burton
Mike Banfield
Director of Regional Initiatives

Mike joined the CRISP team in 2015 as a project manager focused on PDMP and public health projects. Mike has been adept at applying existing services to new use cases anddriving adoption of those services. In early 2017, Mike was tasked with the experiment of starting an in-house development team, Point Solutions. Point Solutions has since grown to three development teams and is responsible for much of the open source architecture CRISP uses today. His current focus is on extending those services to peers around the country and identifying opportunities for growth. Mike also product manageda RxGov – a PDMP suite – with Leap Orbit. Prior to joining CRISP, Mike served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tutume, Botswana from 2013-2015. Mike obtained an MPH in Zoonotic/Infectious Disease from Kansas State University, is a certified scrum master, and is currently pursuing a MBA at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.