Under the new Statewide testing strategies and with the greater availability of tests, clinicians are no longer limited to testing symptomatic high risk patients. We encourage that you additionally test patients who are asymptomatic and may have directly or indirectly come into contact with a person known or suspected of carrying the COVID-19 virus. This strategy will help to identify additional asymptomatic carriers in order to contain the spread of the virus (see details below).
According to the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), healthcare providers shall prioritize COVID-19 test orders using the most expeditious means available (e.g., a hospital lab, commercial lab, or the State Laboratory) to the following groups: The following populations should now be prioritized for testing: 
  • Any symptomatic individual
  • Asymptomatic individuals where COVID-19 exposure may be possible, including:
    • contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases
    • residents and staff of congregate living settings and long-term care facilities
    • healthcare workers and first responders
    • patients, especially high-risk unstable patients, whose care would be altered by a diagnosis of COVID-19
    • individuals employed in close contact settings
    • individuals previously in a large gathering
    • individuals directed to be tested by the Maryland Department of Health associated with a cluster, outbreak or contact investigation
In addition, retesting or serial testing of individuals should be conducted based on clinical or epidemiological indications or as directed by the Department or a local health department.
To view the list of available test sites, click here or insert https://coronavirus.maryland.gov/pages/symptoms-testing into your browser.

    Reporting Point of Care COVID-19 Test Results

    Organizations who are performing point-of-care COVID-19 testing are required to report results to the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) through CRISP, if they do not have access to an existing mechanism for reporting. To submit your patient’s test results:
    1. Log into your CRISP ULP account
    2. Search the Patient (First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth are required)
    3. Select the appropriate patient from the Patient Search Results list by checking the box in the “Include” column on the right-hand side of the screen
      1. If your patient is not found, click the “No Patient: COVID-19 Lab Tools” to manually begin the submission process
      2. If your patient is found, click the “COVID-19 Lab Tools” tab at the top of the screen
    4. Navigate to the “Report Point of Care Test Results” tab.
    5. Complete the fields provided.
      1. Please note, the supplementary questions on this form are required for reporting to CDC.
    6. Click Submit.

    How To Order A COVID-19 Test

    Use the step by step instructions below or click here for a PDF version of the CRISP COVID-19 Lab Order Tool User Guide

    The Lab Order Form will pre-populate demographics in the fields provided. Please note, all fields are editable and required fields are marked with an asterisk. Complete the form and update any demographics as necessary.

    A. Be sure to enter and/or verify the patient’s email address to ensure the order confirmation code can be sent directly to them B. The content of the order form will be viewable by the patient.

    Next Steps for Your Patient

    Once you’ve completed your lab order entry to CRISP, print the confirmation page for your records and share the order confirmation code with your patient. Your patient will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to schedule their appointment through the VEIP COVID-19 scheduling site. No further action is necessary.

    Viewing Your Patient’s Lab Results Through CRISP 



    CRISP offers multiple methods of viewing your patients lab results through the CRISP Unified Landing Page (ULP). Click the boxes below for instructions on how to view this data. If for any reason, you or select members of your staff do not have access to the tools mentioned below, please contact your CRISP Outreach Liaison or contact the CRISP Customer Care Team by calling 1.877.952.7477 or emailing support@

    CRISP Applications